Dendritic Horizon

    The works in Dendritic Horizon are all invested with my personal experiences in Nature.  It is a Nature that is familiar as home, yet other times, quite strange and bewildering.    These trees serve as a mirror for my inner life.

    When I was a teenager, I had a horse named Murphy who introduced me to a new world of horizons simply by carrying me atop his back.  While running on open ground, there would be a rush of viewpoints, so fast they felt simultaneous--- the sky and ground blurred to the side, dirt and grass flew past looking down, and ahead the horizon lined by trees came closer every second. On crossing into the shadow of the forest, we slowed pace to accommodate for the varied terrain.  My eyes constantly moved, enjoying the surroundings while navigating thru the branches and steep hills.  As we bobbed along, I would take in the little details of each slippery rock and gnarly root below, but also see these rocks and roots shift to eye level when entering a deep gorge. These journeys were varied each time, some even ending with me limping out of the woods by foot.  Every journey added a new layer upon the other that had come before.

    Dendritic horizon explores a much wider scope of locations than my first hometown forests of Indiana but build upon these initial layers of memory.  The work on display includes a multiplicity of perspectives both literal and emotional. 

Rachael Pease 2012